Super Construction Co Ltd COMPANY PROFILE Company Background Incorporated since December 1989,the company presently holds a GRADE A Building Contractor Permit.Our Core Activity has been in the business of construction,undertaking civil engineer works and leasing construction equipment.We are also widening our scope where we are Promoters of residential and commercial projects. Our Corporate Objective is to undertake civil works with a Savoir-Faire,combination of experience and technical expertise and above all to satisfy our customer needs. Our Mission Statement VISION To be among the best Grade A construction companies,contributing in construction technology to the economy and environment. MISSION To satisfy our customers with constant improvement in our technology,know-how and construction standards. PHILOSOPHY To listen to our customers.Their wants and needs are our strategic objectives. To quantify all aspects of our business in order to ensure benchmarking for success. To emphasize on quality of construction and service. To respond quickly and decisively to opportunity of construction development. Our Companies Structure & Organization Super Construction Co Ltd is the foundation for other sub-companies which are needed for our own in-house supply. Our sister company Super Alu Co Ltd is involved in the manufacture and installation of aluminium openings,roller shutters,partitioning,false Ceiling and frameless doors. JBW is doing most of our sourcing out of finishes products,such as sanitary,furniture,tiles and other many things from China where it has its own local office.Those two companies are our HANDS in most projects,so that Super Construction may provide a key turn solution to the satisfaction of the clients WORKFORCE Our company has been constantly increasing its manpower to meet the needs of our projects and now amount to over 100 full-time employees and 250 Chinese workers.We also have several experienced and reliable labour contractors,to ensure continuity and to meet deadlines of the projects. EQUIPMENT Our company has always believed that to be in the forefront and to achieve competitiveness,we should be well-equipped in construction technology. Therefore we have gradually acquired a comprehensive range of equipment as listed in the table below. DEVELOPMENT Over the last few years,the company has been expanding in many ways: By developing its sister company JBW,settling a local office based in China. Making acquisition of 3 arpents land for having its full-operational pre-cast yard. By importing Chinese Labour force and still are having more and more By investing in our own property project,Richmond Hill and presently doing THE LANDMARK-are residential project of 56 units Those significant developments have made us strong amongst the few grade A building contractors.We have the capacity of producing pre-cast elements which is essential for very big projects in order to be completed with agreed time frame.Now all projects are being expected to be completed within a relatively short time span with A-Z products and services. PROPOSED GUARANTOR FOR THE PERFORMANCE SECURITY MAURITIUS COMMERCIAL BANK LTD Sir William Newton Street,Port-Louis 有机会去毛里求斯培训! 展开
位于中关村科技园区。公司致力于针对军警射击训练的高科技光电技术与产品的研发、生产及营销,并通过该领域系列产品的研制开发,为军警训练建立一套完整的标准化模式,力求以信息化、网络化等高科技手段达到高效率的科学训练结果,有效的提高部队的技战术水平。 展开 公司地址:朝阳区光华路光华大厦B座10层 (邮编:100026) 地图

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